10 Great Albums By Artists People Hate

9. Yourself Or Someone Like You - Matchbox Twenty

Though bands like Nickelback may have been mining the same tired bandwagon of grunge that acts like Puddle of Mudd were doing around the same time, there was a bit of a different sound coming from the ashes of Seattle. In the wake of bands like Pearl Jam, there were also a few acts coming to the forefront with a more laid back style and a tighter emphasis on songwriting, which would become known as adult alternative a few years later. Counting Crows may have started things off and Train made the whole thing insufferable, but right in the middle there was a band called Matchbox Twenty.

It's not hard to see why some fans got on their cases though, since Rob Thomas's good looks and rich baritone made him look like the glammified version of what Eddie Vedder could have been. Taken on its own merits though, Yourself Or Someone Like You has a lot more bright spots than you might remember, having a more homespun feel to the songs and some genuine emotional moments like on 3 AM or Push.

Then again, this was never a height that even Matchbox felt interested in reaching again, with the next few records showing them slowly running out of steam and dying off fairly quickly. In the years when grunge was still considered outsider music by the masses though, these guys felt more like the alternative kids that angsty girls could introduce their parents to.

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