10 Great Albums You Probably Missed In 2013

We all get battered over the heads with albums of the year lists comprised of what we've already heard a hundred times over, but what of everything else that's just as worth a listen?

Okay, first things first; this is not an article for hipsters - that needs to be established. There are many of us that love our indie bands but in equal measure, mainstream stuff has value too. So when we tell you that there are ten great albums you might€™ve missed last year, we're not saying these are the only albums that you should€™ve been listening to - these albums were merely underrated and you likely wouldn't regret giving them your attention. You see, the music industry is stunningly vast. There is too much out there for us all to gauge and inevitably there are at least ten great albums we at WhatCulture missed last year. But that doesn€™t matter - this list is to tell you about ten we found that were just plain awesome. We can also tell you with confidence that most of these guys are just as sick live as they are on a CD. Most of them... And yeah, 2013 was so five months ago, but that doesn€™t make these albums any less recommendable. Believe it or not, they€™re still out there, just waiting for you!

10. CSS €“ Planta

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doTGKMVQ8oo Starting out with something we€™re all familiar with; a Brazilian girl band. Cansei de Ser Sexy (or CSS for short) are, at heart, a fun band. This indie pop-rock group€™s name literally translates to €œI got tired of being sexy", and with songs like €œMusic Is My Hot Hot Sex€ and €œLet€™s Make Love & Listen To Death From Above€ it€™s kind of hard not to like them. You film fans might recognise lead singer Lovefoxx from the soundtrack of Drive as it€™s safe to say we€™ve all got Nightcall on our iTunes by now. This latest work - Planta - was released last year and was their first album after the departure of the group€™s sole male, Adriano Cintra. Decidedly, this is a slightly more feminine work than the last, but the departure of Cintra has done nothing to deter the band€™s fun attitude and Planta has some great tunes such as lead single Hangover and a song tailor-made for drunken sing-alongs: Teenage Tiger Cat. The band are excellent at blending promiscuity with a certain kind of bizarre style that sounds more like an underground hippie group from Los Angeles than something from South America. Still, it€™s hard to dislike them with those great accents.
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