10 Great Bands With One Terrible Album

The most disappointing failures.

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As the cultural touchstone Miley Cyrus said once in a previous life, nobody's perfect. Even though you might claim to have all the answers to your problems, there isn't a soul on Earth that can claim to get it right all of the time. And nowhere else does this ring more true than with the music industry.

Over the years, there have been many artists that have been called the gods of the industry only to phone it in with a colossally bad album. Then again, having an album be this awful is also pretty subjective.

There are probably many albums that have some spot on this list that are called brilliant by a certain part of the fanbase, or at the very least an underrated gem in the artists' catalog. For the rest of us though, this is the reason why you don't put an artist on a pedestal and say that they aren't able to make bad albums.

If anything though, there's a little bit of comfort that comes with albums like these. Even though you might not want to listen to it again, you start to see the band members more as people, rather than just some of the greatest musicians alive.

No matter which way you slice it, you're seeing a band at their most human level with albums like these.

10. Hot Space - Queen

The entire career span of Queen has always been about taking risks. From the first minute that you heard Bohemian Rhapsody blare out of a car speaker, this was far from just an ordinary rock band that was set on being the next Rolling Stones. No, these guys were looking to play around with every sound they could get their hands on, and they certainly had some fun going through Hot Space.

Then again, the final product of what we got was a lot more of a mixed bag than anything else that Queen has ever released. Though previous albums like the Game had prepared us for the more radio friendly sounds they were going for in the '80s, this is the kind of pseudo disco energy that felt like it was outdated just a few months after it was released.

There are a few highlights to be had on the record though, like the song Life Is Real being a tribute to John Lennon after his murder and Under Pressure still holding up as a classic and a staple of karaoke bars for years to come.

Still, even band member Roger Taylor was never really fond of the album, thinking that it didn't make much sense considering where they had come as a band. It's still up to the Queen standard of performance, but it's kind of hard to see someone singling out a song like Staying Power as the greatest song they've ever made.

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