10 Great Collaborations That Combined Different Genres

When musical worlds collide and create something better than expected...

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More so than most other things, music is subjective. You like what you like and it is far too easy to never broaden your horizons and listen to anything beyond your comfort zone. Sometimes though, an artist you love can bring a totally new set of sounds to you out of the blue.

Whether it's a single song, an entire album or just a collaboration completely out of left field, there's no denying that sometimes two very different styles can mesh together better than anyone would expect. Obviously, there is some amount of risk involved. What if your audience just wants to hear you do the same things as you've always done? Or what if fans from either genre are pre-disposed to dislike this new mash up of styles?

While this can happen from time to time, it's safe to say that thankfully, on more occasions than not these songs just work. Even the ones that have no right to on paper. So here are ten times that two different worlds collided and the end result was something pretty special.

If you hear something you like, why not take a chance and dip your toe into another musical pool?

10. It's Goin' Down

While The X-Ecutioners are primarily a group of turntablists that have been making beats and songs for more than three decades in various forms, their main exposure to the mainstream came through an unlikely collaboration. Their 2001 track "It's Going' Down" featured a number of artists that you might not initially expect.

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Fort Minor makes sense to an extent with his rapping skills as did his bandmate and turntable specialist Mr. Hahn, but seeing Static-X's own Wayne Static on the stage with them providing guitar was a great visual and provided a phenomenal mix of sounds.

Other members of Linkin Park also contributed with their own instruments of choice, but it is the sound of Wayne's distorted guitar with the punchy lyrics of Shinoda that creates the overall feel. Once the verses are finished, the turntablists each take a turn to demonstrate their own individual style by sampling, scratching and distorting the refrain with their decks.

You don't need to be a fan of DJs, scratching, rap or rock to enjoy this, but you might surprise yourself.

In the years since, Roc Raida of The X-Ecutioner and Wayne Static have sadly passed away.

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