10 Great Hard Rock Songs You Won't Find On Spotify

Good luck trying to track these bangers down.

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Ah, Spotify - where would we be without you?

Since its launch in 2006 and its explosion in popularity throughout the 2010s, the streaming service has become the number one way to enjoy music, listen to podcasts, and ensure that your favourite artists get paid next to nothing for all their hard work.

We never said it was perfect.

Despite some initial resistance from a few notable names - here's looking at you, Taylor Swift - most of the world's biggest musicians now have a home on Daniel Ek's profit-churning machine.

However, when you cast your net this wide, some stuff is bound to slip through the gaps.

For one reason or another, the following ten tracks cannot be found on Spotify. Some are there in title only, unable to be played, whilst some just don't exist on the platform at all.

Never you fear, because there are ways to track these tracks down. We've included some handy YouTube links to all the songs we're about to cover, although we think they actually pay even less than Spotify.

Probably best to just buy the album if you're interested.

10. A Tale For The Ages - Hot Cross

Honestly, trying to Google these guys without getting millions of hits for hot cross buns is basically impossible.

Bearing no obvious connection to the Easter-related treat, Hot Cross were a post-hardcore band that formed in Philadelphia in 2000. Comprised of other members of various groups from across the genre, they put out two studio albums before calling it a day in 2007.

The band has a pretty small Spotify presence, with only around 1,800 monthly listeners. Their most popular song, Turncoat Revolution, has just over 150,000 listens, which is nothing to sniff at, but equally not anything to write home about.

Turncoat Revolution is from their second album Risk Revival. In fact, everything they have on Spotify is from that album, as their debut release Cryonics is nowhere to be found.

That ten-track record has some great stuff on there if you're a fan of lo-fi, unconventionally structured music. The track we've picked out is A Tale for the Ages, which is a great showcase of singer Billy Werner's croaky voice and drummer Greg Drudy's erratic playing style.

It's on their Bandcamp, if you're interested.


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