10 Great Hip Hop Albums With Only One Bad Song

Killing the Vibe.

Outkast Aquemini

Crafting a great hip hop album is a much different beast than any of the other pop albums of the world. Instead of just throwing together some of the catchiest songs that you know how to make, these are the records that are more about setting up a vibe in your mind and creating some of greatest rhymes anyone's ever heard. Though many artists succeed, that doesn't mean there aren't a few missteps along the way.

Along with having some of the greatest work by these artists, these records are also known for having that one song that just isn't all that great compared to the rest. Even though the song itself might not necessarily be that bad, the fact that it's not on the level as the rest of the tracks on the record just bring the entire experience down when you have to sit through it.

Hell, that doesn't mean that the song is horrendous in the context of the album. These songs might have been able to kill if they were on a different record, where their placement would have made a lot more sense. In the timeline that we're in though, we have to settle with these songs on this record. Then again, that's what the skip button is for, right?

10. Batty Boyz - MF Doom

There's pretty much an unspoken curse that comes with being in the game for too long. The whole reason why we look back on Tupac and Biggie as some of the greatest of all time is because they didn't have time to embarrass themselves in what little time they had on this Earth. Once you start to grow up a little more, the out of touch spots start to show on even the villainous of emcees.

Which makes it all the more sad to see a legend like MF Doom on a list like this. Being one of the final records that he made under his name, Born Like This is an amazing record with one turd in the punchbowl by the name of Batty Boyz. Being inspired by a conversation where Doom's son said Batman was cooler than him, the idea behind MF Doom doing a diss track to the Caped Crusader should have gone over like gangbusters.

Instead, we got treated to a song where Doom lists out a bunch of Batman's greatest strengths and then undercuts it by saying how gay he is. Yeah, especially when you see this in hindsight, Doom feels more like he's grasping at straws here than coming through with bars from the days of Madvillainy. I mean, how does a man known for his villain persona make an amazing album rapping about food, and yet not be able to dunk on one of the greatest heroes of all time properly?

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