10 Great Musicians That Are Slowly Being Forgotten

Forgotten, but not gone.

Singer, songwriter and pianist Isaac Hayes performs live
© Douglas Kent Hall/ZUMA/Corbis
Music is attached to memory. Whether it€™s the first album you bought with your own money, the first band you saw live, first festival you attended or the songs attached to different relationships; music and musicians are tied to memories in a Proustian manner. People can tell you the exact place of the tree Marc Bolan crashed into, but they can€™t tell you where or when Gandhi was shot. But not every great musician and band gets this treatment. For every Bolan and Bowie, there is a hundred great musicians and artists who are quickly and quietly being lost in the annals of time. Part of this is down to personal preference and interests, but the other part is mostly due to the sheer scale and volume of the music world. You can€™t remember everyone because ultimately, you can€™t listen to and love everyone. That would defeat the entire purpose of music and life. That being said, there are many, many acts out there who are being unceremoniously erased from people€™s memories like that machine from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. They are discarded to make room for other important information like passwords, the names of primary school teachers and the day you need to put the bins out. But if all bands are created equal, then these are ten of the unlucky few who managed to slip through the memory cracks and slowly begin to fade from people€™s long term recollections.
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