10 Great Musicians That Are Slowly Being Forgotten

10. mclusky

Straight out of the Welsh valleys via Newcastle, loud mouth outfit mclusky played so hard and tight that they€™d smash their instruments to smithereens, when they weren€™t all being stolen in Arizona that is. Led by witty, snarky frontman Andrew €˜Falco€™ Falkous, mclusky have an unpolished, utterly brazen sound that€™s the sort of music you€™d go up to your room and play when your parents got on your nerves. They also possess some of the best titled tracks of all time, with the likes of €˜To Hell With Good Intentions€™, €˜Icarus Smicarus€™ and €˜Falco v The Young Canoeist€™ as some notable examples. Often hilarious, perpetually scathing, mclusky try to bite you with their giddy lyricism and frenetic, almost spastic way of playing as they just exploded out of nowhere in the early hours of the twenty first century and were more than happy to have a go at any who thought they were hard enough. With only three full length albums and one compilation edition to their name, mclusky didn€™t hang around too long but boy the ride was fun while it lasted. Falco went on to form the brilliant Future of the Left which in recent years seems to have overshadowed the work done as part of mclusky which, along with limited airplay during their existence, is probably one of the reasons that people are slowly forgetting about them. But if have a section of your record collection labelled €˜Music To Throw Yourself Around To€™, then mclusky will fit in no problem.
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