10 Great Rock & Metal Albums From 2018 You May Have Missed

9. Horizon Ablaze - The Weight Of A Thousand Suns

For their 10-year anniversary, Horizon Ablaze decided to give us their best work yet with their 4th release. Hailing from the land of Black Metal, Norway, Horizon Ablaze is yet another Black Metal band, but they stand out among the crowd due to their usage of Groove Metal on most of the tracks. While this most likely isn't the first time a band has attempted this, The Weight of a Thousand Suns does it well.

Each song on this album is structured in a great way, allowing for revisiting that doesn't become stale or boring, something very critical to a Black Metal album looking to attract more than the typical fan.

And while on that note, one of the more interesting things about the album is its accessibility. Black Metal isn't a genre someone would recommend to a friend who's wondering what the Metal genre has to offer. The Weight of a Thousand Suns could be a great introduction to the more abrasive side of genre thanks to the mixing of clean and harsh vocals on tracks like Delusions of Grandeur or Insidious.

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