10 Great Songs Never Released As Singles

9. Bargain - The Who

The Who had weathered through a disastrous few months as they failed to get their next opus Lifehouse off the ground. When they come upon recording Who's Next, the remnants from the abandoned sessions yielded fantastic tracks like "Won't Get Fooled Again" and the hypnotic "Baba O'Riley."

One song on the record that never fully got its due though is "Bargain," which is one of the nastiest tracks on the record. Whereas each single had an epic tone to its presentation, the guitar riff on this song smacks you in the mouth as it powers its way through open chords amid mass distortion. However, the song's message betrays the furious backing track underneath.

The song's sound is rather harsh, but Pete Townshend's words speak of the devotion that he has to his love and how he would consider any hardship that he may face in his life a bargain if it means that he could stay with his love. The contrasting tones of the instrumentation and lyrics work beautifully as the song builds to mammoth choruses before coming to a more subtle ending of synthesizers. A lovely comedown from "Baba O'Riley" and a deep look at what Who's Next had to offer.


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