10 Great Songs Never Released As Singles

10. Change Your Mind - The Killers

With the Killer's debut album Hot Fuss, every single song could have been released as a single. From one track to the next, each had its own unique character and cinematic draw that made them impossible to resist. While people may sing the praises of songs like "Smile Like You Mean It" and "Mr Brightside," the song "Change Your Mind" is the dark horse that sneaks up on you midway through the record.

This track shows Brandon Flowers and co. coming up with the perfect little pop song. The message of the song is as simple as they come: unrequited love. You can hear every ounce of emotion as Flowers aches to be with the girl of his dreams, even if it means changing her mind ever so slightly. Rather than coming off as overly pushy or demanding, Flowers' delivery feels emotionally drained and romantically delirious.

I'll admit the 80's feel of the song does take some getting used to for people who have a harder time stomaching glittery synth work, but that's what gives the song its charm. Its all the angst and melodrama of young love condensed into a little 3-minute pop song. What's not to love?


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