10 Great Songs That Never Made A Studio Album

The best of the odds and ends.


The studio album has been the quintessential medium for musicians. The art of putting 10-20 tracks together that make a sonic statement is something only true artists can do. There are some tunes that tend to fall through the cracks though.

Many original songs can be relegated to B-sides, EPs, stand-alone singles, or live cuts. These kind of tracks tend to be "stop-gap" songs: nothing more than a song to tide fans over until the next record comes around.

But true musicians never sell their audience short. In capable hands, many musicians take these "filler" tracks as an opportunity to show the hardcore fans another side of their artistic selves. Whether it be through standout lyrics or a change in musical style, fans can expect a few left turns from these songs when compared to a band's usual songwriting. These artistic risks can sometimes end up being better than the tunes that end up on proper studio albums. Either way, fans are glad these artists took the time to give just a little bit more quality music between album releases.

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