10 Great Songs That Never Made A Studio Album

10. Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots had already been riding high thanks to 2015's Blurryface by the time the producers of Suicide Squad came knocking on their door. Twenty One Pilots had the daunting task of writing the unofficial theme song to this super-villain counterpart to Marvel's Avengers. But while the film was... contentious... to say the least, this song brought the force in a big way.

While the verses have the gentle beauty that has come to be expected from a TOP song, the chorus taps into something much grittier. The melody of "All my friends are heathens" is wonderfully disturbed coming from Tyler Joseph's synthetic voice. It gives the listener the feeling that everything is just on the edge of sanity.

And just as the tension reaches its height halfway through, the bass guitar riff blows everything wide open. While the duo had been known for more pop-rock before this, the song's bass breakdown toes the line between pop and metal. This went over so well that the duo expanded upon this hard-edged sound on their next single "Jumpsuit." All things considered, this song was awesome enough to make Jared Leto's Joker seem fairly compelling, which is no small feat.

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