10 Greatest Bands Who Mixed Music Genres

9. Fleetwood Mac

The ever-changing Fleetwood Mac has shifted genres as much as they’ve swapped out members. The band is best known today for its soft rock ‘70s iteration, but the intercontinental superstars used to peddle a totally different type of music.

The Mac was formed in London in the late ‘60s, and for a while they were strictly blues. Led by longtime bluesmen Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood, their early releases featured rockers, ballads like the gorgeous “Need Your Love So Bad”, and the dreamy instrumental “Albatross”.

Things changed pretty quickly after Peter Green left. After a forgettable period, the Americans turned up, and Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks ushered in the most famous version of the band. Rumours was a colossus of a record, with west coast pop like “Second Hand News” nestling alongside churning rockers like “The Chain”.

Years into this phase, they continued to mix it up, following Rumours with the dark and tricky Tusk before reverting back to light and dark on Tango In The Night. It speaks to the quality of their golden material that so many big fans don’t feel the need to look beyond it - but they should.

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