10 Greatest Blues Rock Guitarists

The geniuses in between 12 bars.


If you ask any rock musician about learning guitar, about 90% of them will tell you it comes from the blues. The foundation of rock music comes from the 12-bar tradition of bluesmen like Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, and Albert King. Every early rocker from Chuck Berry to Jerry Lew Lewis all held onto that blues upbringing to help create what is known now as rock and roll.

While many look at the blues as a fairly easy genre of music to pick up, the core of blues rock is insanely difficult to master. There may not be that many scales to learn to get a good bluesy sound, but the real power of the music is in expression. The guitarist has to develop a unique relationship with his/her guitar that taps into a certain emotional center. That way, the guitar becomes less of an instrument and more like a true living being.

The artists on this list have all found their own unique sound based on the relationship with the six string. These guitarists may have similar scales in common, but their ability to make their guitars talk is something all their own.

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