10 Greatest Classic Rock Albums You Need To Hear Before You Die

Rock and Roll's real essentials.

Wish You Were Here

Rock and Roll seems to be an essential part of modern day music. With every genre pulling from different influences, rock has still held onto relevance even today for its rough sound and more aggressive sonic delivery. Though some of the songs sound great now, they haven't been given the proper time to be called classics yet.

Starting from the golden age of the 60's through the early 80's, rock was slowly finding its voice as a legitimate force in popular music. This led to many bands coming out with songs that didn't sound like anything that came before. These albums would not only hold up over time, but also set the template for even entire subgenres of rock, from prog to metal to glam rock.

Given the technology these bands were working with at the time, it's almost an anomaly that these albums are able to remain fresh. Though it's easy to make a record that sounds good at the moment, something that still works years after its release shows that you have a truly timeless piece of art. They may have been released long ago, but these are the albums that simply have to be heard to be believed.

10. Back In Black - AC/DC

Some of the best albums end up coming to light through some of the most dire circumstances, and Back in Black is certainly no exception to that rule. After AC/DC were coming off a massive winning streak with their album Highway to Hell, singer and all-around wildman Bon Scott would die of alcohol poisoning just before the writing sessions began for the follow-up.

Many fans were disheartened and felt that this Aussie band's time in the spotlight was over. After all, Bon's antics was the X factor that drew fans to the band. However, the Young brothers made it clear that now was not the time to mope around over their friend's death. They quickly returned to the studio with new vocalist Brian Johnson and set about writing the follow-up in tribute to their fallen musical brother.

What could have been a touching tribute turned into one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. From the four-on-the-floor rhythms to Johnson's equally powerful shriek, songs like the title track and "Hells Bells" became some of rock's greatest anthems almost instantly. It was certainly a long road back from the brink, but AC/DC's determination in what they do produced an album that transcended rock itself.

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