10 Greatest Comeback Albums In Rock Music History

The Career Resurrections.

Green Day American Idiot

It's a fair career to see a rock band last past just a few years. Outside of the usual exceptions, most acts in the public eye should consider themselves lucky if they're even able to manage a career that lasts more than 5 years. That's just the flashes in the pan though. The real professionals know how to rise from the dead all over again.

Across every stripe of rock music, there have been artists that have managed to wow their audiences by facing their problems head on and coming out on the other side. Though it's subjective what constitutes a failure, there are many bands that have definitely sunk in popularity, leading to these records being all the more sweeter when they do eventually arrive.

These aren't people who are going to rest on their laurels either. These are still seasoned musicians who are willing to push themselves just as much as they did in their prime, and are willing to die trying if they have to. For as many times as they managed to fall from grace, it's always amazing to see these guys get back up again. Everyone loves a good comeback story, but these are more than just coming back. This is taking your career off life support and rising from the ashes all over again.

10. Wasting Light - Foo Fighters

Not every comeback album has to necessarily be coming off of an atrocious album. After going down the road of stadium rock for a while though, Echoes Silence Patience Grace saw Foo Fighters at a turning point, selling out arenas around the world and hitting the ceiling in terms of the greatest gigs you can possibly play. Where else where they supposed to go except just shacking up in Dave's garage?

Looking for a more retro sound for Wasting Light, most of the record was recorded on analog tape with Butch Vig at the helm, and it yielded some of the freshest sounding music of the Foos' career. We haven't seen songs this balls to the wall since The Colour and the Shape, especially the punk thrashing behind a song like White Limo or kicking down the door right out of the gate with Bridge Burning.

This is still a Foo Fighters album though, and the more radio friendly tracks are still here in the form of Walk and These Days. There are even some moments where Dave tries to bring the grandiose elements of their sound back down to earth, making a prominent use of strings on the track I Should Have Known. After years of being at the top of the world, Wasting Light was enough to tell us that Foo Fighters still had the bare essentials of a raw rock and roll band.

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