10 Greatest Comeback Albums In Rock Music History

9. Station to Station - David Bowie

If the casual music fan wasn't paying attention, you probably would have thought that David Bowie had started to lose his way around the late '70s. With the realm of Ziggy Stardust and Diamond Dogs well in the rearview, the Starman had given us more off the wall projects like the covers LP Pin Ups and the throwback album Young Americans, neither of which really broke new ground. Although it was nice to see him dip his toes into other genres, this was just the preview for the Thin White Duke.

I have to emphasize though that Bowie was not in the best of health during the making of Station to Station, allegedly addicted to cocaine and eating nothing but peppers and drinking milk for most of the sessions. In all honesty, it's practically a miracle that this album sounds this vibrant, having some of the most adventurous songs of Bowie's career as he pulls from genres like krautrock.

Kicking off what would become known as his Berlin period, there's a bit of an assembly line flair to the construction of these tracks, all while Bowie announces himself as one of the most prominent figures in rock and roll. Just like the 10 minute title track would indicate, this whole thing should have spelled disaster, and yet we're still talking about it as a landmark for one of rock's greatest voices.

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