10 Greatest Double Albums In Music History

9. Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix

With years of hindsight, it really felt like the rock world wasn't ready for someone like Jimi Hendrix. Appearing like some alien from a distant planet, Hendrix's playing wasn't that far off from that description, taking the building blocks of blues and rock and roll and blending them into genres that you didn't even realize could exist. So it makes sense that for the last album with the Experience, even one disc of vinyl couldn't hold all of his ideas together.

If Are You Experienced gave you a taste of what Jimi could do, Electric Ladyland is when he reaches for something that's beyond our world altogether, making songs that feel like they're meant to be played on some rock and roll space mission. Along with some of the more traditional rock tracks like Crosstown Traffic, you have Jimi morphing the blues into hard rock on Voodoo Chile and eventually making sounds that don't even sound like guitar on something like 1983.

Even when Jimi tries to pull from someone else's songbook, it goes over incredibly well, with All Along the Watchtower becoming a classic more for Hendrix's version than anything Bob Dylan could have done with it. Though Jimi would only last for a few more months after this album's release, we're still scratching the surface of what he managed to accomplish on this one album. He may have been a rock and roll gypsy, but there's definitely some dark magic involved that made rock and roll sound like this.

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