10 Greatest Eminem Diss Tracks

Don't mention Eminem's daughter in a song. Seriously...

Eminem Bang

Despite being one of rap's most prolific and versatile lyricists, Eminem is also the very last person you'd want to get into a feud with. Over the years, he has launched numerous scathing assaults against his opponents, with diss tracks that not only showcase the rapper's savage lyrical abilities, but also his creative insults, threats and call-outs.

Many of his songs are rife with celebrity insults and passing remarks, but since the early 00s he has had no issue releasing entire songs (often more than one) against those who have insulted him, mentioned his daughter (a bad, bad move) or those he simply doesn't like. Fellow rappers, former friends and music rivals from other genres have all felt Eminem's wrath over the years, and even now he has no problem with bringing out the big guns when he has to.

10. The Invasion

The Eminem-Benzino feud is one of Eminem's most infamous and nasty, kicking off when Eminem refused to interview with Benzino. The story goes that Benzino had used his magazine, The Source, to disrespect the Detroit native, and in retaliation for being given the cold shoulder, he released a freestyle diss and kicked off a years-long rap beef.

During the feud, numerous songs were released from both sides, with Eminem releasing a trilogy of hits between 2002 and 2004 against his new enemy. The Invasion songs are increasingly harsh and lyrically intense, going from humorous to violent in mere lines.

Eminem has released many songs against Benzino that haven't made this list - including the brutal Go to Sleep and Doe Rae Me (featuring D-12 and Obie Trice) - but the Invasion songs make the cut because they perfectly bookend the feud, with each installment showing off just how angry and dangerous the rivalry was becoming.

Best line: "You're face is numb, you're stunned/like that of a man who's 70-some years old."

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