10 Greatest Eminem Diss Tracks

9. Can I Bitch

Canibus had himself a great rap career before his various feuds got in the way and ruined his momentum. After being dissed by LL Cool J on the track "The Ripper Strikes Back," Canibus wrongly accused Eminem of ghostwriting the song and disrespecting him. Kicking off the feud, Canibus released a series of diss tracks written from the persepective of Eminem's famous character Stan.

After staying clear of his new opponent for a while, save for some sneaky disses within his album The Eminem Show, Eminem finally went all in with "Can I Bitch," a diss track that perfectly shows just how funny the rapper can be, whilst being disturbingly cruel and intimidating.

Eminem uses the track to compare Canibus to Stan, insinuating he's nothing more than a disgruntled fan trying to get big off his name. He also imagines a scenario in which he and Dr Dre murder Canibus whilst trying to figure out where the feud came from.

Best line: "Hey mister, would you care to bear witness to/the ass-whopping I'm about to administer/to this ass-kissing little vaginal blister?/Stanibus, little Marshall Mathers' sister."

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