10 Greatest Final Rock Albums Of The 2010s

9. Collapse Into Now - R.E.M

After a long and varied career that saw them go from indie icons to revolutionary alt rockers to bonafide megastars, Athens, Georgia's best-known exports finally called it a day in 2011.

R.E.M are one of the few bands on this list who reached the end of the line without one of their members passing away, as their break-up had been in the works for a while and had been pushed over the edge by changes made to their record label.

The band had wanted to go out on a high, so made sure that their final album, Collapse into Now, was worthy of ending on. Whilst not their finest work, which is a very high bar, it's still a great reminder of why R.E.M are one of the most important bands to ever play.

Collapse into Now hinted at their old successes whilst also showing glimpses of a new style, as the former fuss-makers embraced a more subdued lifestyle with their own poetic spin.

Though far from a masterpiece, it was refreshing to see such a popular and headstrong band go out on their own terms, with an album they were clearly proud to have produced.

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