10 Greatest Hard Rock Closing Tracks

The Final Pedal-to-the-Metal.


When musicians are crafting an album, most want to start the record off with a good punch. If you've got that initial hook to reel the listener in, you're halfway there to getting fans to pay attention to your album. However, the closing track is where you start to separate the real artists from just regular rock stars.

Once the listener has gone through an hour's worth of music, they need a good final track that will leave them feeling satisfied about the sonic trip they have just gone on. In the hard rock world, this is especially difficult given the musical style. Your final track has to either have a drastic shift at the end or be the most high-energy song out of the whole bunch.

The records showcased here are good examples of bands that use their album's end to leave the listener with a stunning impression. Whereas most hard rock bands tend to see a record as a stop gap in between live performances, these records show how to make that sonic exclamation point that ties all of the themes of your record into a tight digestible package.

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