10 Greatest Hard Rock Frontmen Of The '70s

Rock's Most Essential Personalities.

Aerosmith Live

As the '70s started, the idea of what constituted a frontman was still completely new. Once the Beatles and the Rolling Stones had started the band dynamic with the turn of the British Invasion, plenty of artists were stepping up to the plate with their own unique way of approaching the stage. Though it took a few years, this turned into the golden age of the hard rock frontman.

Compared to the other subsects of rock music, there's a certain rhythm that comes with owning the stage. Rather than just saunter around playing your instrument, the level of showmanship to really drive these songs home can almost feel like an endurance test, trying to squeeze every ounce of energy to whip the audience up as much as you can. However, most people have different tactics of approaching the stage, whether it be as the fun-loving guy looking to act as the party leader or using added props to make your performance into more of a spectacle.

Other times though, these artists are just the real deal onstage and off, as they use the stage as a means to exude what comes naturally to them. For as much importance is on the riffs, this is where the personality really comes into play.

10. Lemmy - Motorhead

Every now and again, there are those few singers that seem to be born with it. No matter how much other singers might try to capture their own style, these artists exude charisma so naturally that it's almost impossible to take your eyes off of them. These people may be born to win, so what about those born to lose?

Across his early career, Lemmy from Motorhead was the culmination of the rock and roll lifestyle. Hell, before he had even reached the top with Motorhead, he had already done time in the psychedelic outfit Hawkwind along with being the roadie for Jimi Hendrix for a little while. Once he had the stage to himself though, Lemmy took no prisoners whenever he threw down. With a mic suspended high above the rafters, everything Lemmy did was balls-to-the-wall rock and roll, from the Jack and Coke he pounded out onstage to the sheer volume and intensity that comes with songs like Overkill.

Throughout his time on this earth though, Lemmy stuck by his laurels as just being a traditional rock and roller, never wanting to be anything more than the traveling musical outlaw that he was each day. Though many people tend to play up their rock star styles, there will never truly be another frontman who kept his music this close to the chest.

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