10 Greatest Hard Rock Moments On Live TV


Hall of Fame Inductee, Nirvana, Dave Grohl performs at the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Thursday, April, 10, 2014 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)
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If you're even slightly familiar with the Bill O'Reilly screaming episode from back in the day, you know that there's a lot that goes into doing a segment on live television. Since you only have a few moments to get everything across to the audience, you can tell that things can get nerve wracking even for the most patient of workers. So imagine if you threw in a bunch of rock and rollers into the mix.

Compared to the usual live performances that go off without a hitch, these were normally unplanned and led to some pretty awkward moments for those behind the cameras. Given that most of these artists have waited their whole lives to get to where they are, they're going to use their 15 minutes of fame in whatever way they know how and take down as many people with them.

These aren't including the ones that were played up for laughs though. Any musician can try their hand at some banter and come off as charming. These are the ones which were unplanned, unrehearsed, and an absolute treat to watch if you were at home. Although there is a bit of cringe to be had from here, you can't knock them points for lack of enthusiasm.

10. Billie Joe Needs One Minute

Sometimes when you're performing in front of a live audience, you're going to need some liquid courage to get you through the set. Since there are going to be potentially millions of people watching you play music, having a little something to take the edge off normally helps a musician relax for a little bit. If you learn anything from Billie Joe Armstrong though, it's best not to mix and match.

After coming off of the somewhat lackluster reception of Green Day's first entry in their trilogy of albums Uno, Billie Joe was a little bit off the rails when he arrived at the iHeartRadio music festival. Already out of his mind on prescription pills, Armstrong decided to wash it down with some drinks at the bar, by which time he was hammered when he got onstage.

Once they were expected to close things out with Basket Case, Armstrong stops halfway through because of his teleprompter telling him he only has a minute left. Calling out other musicians and smashing his guitar in the process, Billie promised to be back only to check himself into rehab a few weeks later. Considering this was the show that also featured acts like Usher and Justin Bieber, this was about as rock and roll as the night ever truly got.

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