10 Greatest Male Rock Singers Of All Time

elvis Rock. It is the builder of legends. A weaver of dreams. And perhaps one of the best social glues mankind has yet created. For decades, rock has reigned supreme as an art form so powerful that grown men can be reduced to tears and otherwise-sensible office workers can become raging maniacs by night. This ever present and ever popular form of music has been responsible for social upheaval, astounding acts of charity and some truly bizarre moments in the grand history of humanity. One of the key elements of what makes a good rock act is the singer. So let€™s see who were the top 10 male trend setters, trailblazers and game changers. To those who are about to read, I salute you...

10. Bono

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugGM_3yh4l4 Soundscapes. Chugging, overlapping rhythms. Bell like guitars, chiming harmonics and a rock solid anchor of a kick drum. A commanding bass line steering through the chords. And, high above it all, emerges the beautiful voice (bono vox) of U2€™s legendary lead singer. Bono€™s cv alone requires him to be on this list. Repeated sell-out tours all over the globe, countless chart topping albums, and being the frontman of arguably the biggest band in the world have ensured that he remains both in the public eye and in music fans€™ minds for many years, and no doubt will do for years to come. His voice soars as he navigates his way through some of the catchiest melodies since the Beatles and whilst never heavy, he has some grunt to his delivery that gives U2 an edge (no pun intended) raising them above many of their contemporaries. RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Achtung Baby, The Joshua Tree
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