10 Greatest Metal Anthems Of All Time

The soundtrack to Hell.


Metal as a genre is something that relies on sounds that have a certain size to them. From the loud guitar riffs to the pounding rhythm section, the sounds of metal music speak to the more primal side of the brain and make you want to go absolutely berzerk.

Over the genre's 40 years of existence, songs have come out that define all that metal stands for. Instead of writing 4 minute catchy songs, the real accolade that metal bands hope to achieve is writing the ultimate metal anthem. From the pulse-pounding double-bass to loud detuned guitars, anthems are feats that are not so easy to pull off. The song's construction must be the perfect mix of heaviness and catchiness so that it can reach every corner of the metal demographic.

However, the most important element of making a song anthemic almost has nothing to do with the band or even the songwriting. It's how the song carries over to many different people so fans will be banging their heads and flashing the horns every time they blast the song. Here's to the hymns of metal that took the genre from niche audiences to global forces.

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