10 Greatest Metal Anthems Of All Time

10. Psychosocial - Slipknot

It might be a little too early to call this record a metal classic, but all of the greatest elements of the genre are present in this Slipknot scorcher.

After the song's intro riff on a detuned guitar, the song builds before drummer Joey Jordison leads you into the song with one of the most definitive headbanging drum beats of the modern age. From there, Corey Taylor comes in and delivers some of his most infectious vocal shrieks which, while still screaming throughout the verses, has a specific cadence as it drags the listener to the next word.

The chorus is where the song really shines, with the melodic fluctuations in Taylor's delivery that gives way to the gang vocals of "PSYCHOSOCIAL." The subject matter of the song rings true to metalheads as it talks about how society seems to be eating itself from the inside. Though the percussion drives the song, the real stars are Mick Thomson and Jim Root, whose solo work across the ending are the perfect blend of melodic taste and fiery shredding.

Even if you weren't a devotee of the maniacal 9, "Psychosocial" turned every rock fan around the globe into honorary Maggots.

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