10 Greatest Metal Bassists Ever

10. Paul Gray

When Slipknot set the world on fire in the late 90's, their brand of heavy metal wasn't like any other metal out there. By being one part nu-metal, one part death metal, and one part hard rock, the band personified some of the heaviest elements the genre had to offer.

Even though the band emphasizes the collaborative process of song construction, Slipknot would not be where they are today if not for Paul Gray. From the band's self-titled record onward, Gray was integral in coming up with some of the band's darkest material like on "Surfacing" and "Eyeless." Once the band started adopting more radio-friendly material, Gray responded in kind by delivering spectacular bass parts on songs like "Duality."

Throughout the band's tenure, Gray's talent was always in his awareness of what a song needed. While some songs saw him adding subtle embellishments to the melody, others showed him providing root notes so that a heavy groove could cut through the mix.

Though he passed away in 2010, the band has continued on and went so far as to make their next record in Gray's memory. With accolades pouring in as years go by, Paul Gray's legacy as one of metal's greats is all but secure.


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