10 Greatest Metal Singers Of All Time

Corey Taylor, Lemmy and metal's rabid dogs.

Wikimedia Commons

Being a singer in a metal band is a lot harder than it looks on the surface. While there have been tons of people who make fun of metal vocalists for their over-the-top style, a lot of work must be put into singing with the same intensity over long tours and album cycles.

When people think of metal singers, they more often than not think of someone who has a high-pitched scream over fast riffs. In addition to reaching window-shattering volumes, many metal singers have to possess a certain growl to their voice. Otherwise, these vocalists would sound like a whimpering puppies rather than a rabid dog.

Also, stage presence is something that is essential in any metal singer's arsenal. While it's great to be able reach musical peaks with your voice, you've got to prove yourself by delivering that same energy to every crowd you play to. These singers are fine examples of performers who reach for the back of the room and tear every single venue to shreds whenever they turn up to play. Here are the voices who screams still echo through metal's hallowed halls.

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