10 Greatest Posthumous Rock Songs

Death is not the end.

ISO Columbia

It's never an easy thing to deal with death in the music world. Even though many artists continue to work until their dying day, even the most legendary acts can't escape the mortal existence that we all must face. While some bands get to enjoy their success in the moment, some of their greatest material ends up surfacing long after they've gone.

Whether it was a label dispute or just a problem with management, these songs never saw the light of day until it was too late. Though fans can still relate to songs like this, the artist in question was beyond the grave before it was actually put out.

From rough demos to sketches of classics to completed songs, each of these tracks make you feel like you're peeking behind the curtain to see how your favorite artists actually work. Ranging from rock stomper tracks to beautiful ballads to unfinished fragments, each of these songs give you more context as to where these artists were in the creative process before they passed away.

These artists might not be here anymore to answer any of our questions, but we at least have the vicariousness of these songs to draw from. Give these a spin and take some time to reflect.

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