10 Greatest Prog Rock Bands

The Musical Masterminds of Rock.

Harvest Records

At the end of the 60's, rock looked a lot different than it did at the beginning of the decade. With everybody still submerged in the acid dreams of Woodstock, bands were coming up left and right trying to push the genre forward. Though many were content with the blues or rockabilly, these bands were able to spread the rock genre out into new territory.

Amid all the experimentation, these bands ended up creating what we know today as progressive rock. While not every one of these records sound as gargantuan as something like the math rock prodigies today, they still played a key role in taking the rock genre up a notch. From weird tunings to different instrumentation to playing in every time signature ever conceived, these bands have not only stretched the boundaries of music, but also pulled off some of the most impressive musical feats in the rock sphere.

Even when not behind their instruments, every one of these acts have been able to use studio trickery to bring some of the most eccentric sounds into the world of rock and roll. They might not seem like your typical rock outfit, but these guys managed to blast a hole in rock's future and make progressive music a household name


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