10 Greatest Prog Rock Bands

9. Jethro Tull

For many newcomers to the prog scene, Jethro Tull seems like the relic of a bygone era. With a sound that feels like its ripped straight out of the '70s, some of the band's bigger hits like "Living In the Past" have a firm foundation but don't really feel at home in the prog genre. Once you look at what's going on underneath though, the band becomes much more complex.

Formed in England in the late '60s, the band were a eclectic musical force who rubbed elbows with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin. However, Tull always had a more elaborate plan for their songs, which started around their second album. Under frontman Ian Anderson's vision, the band started employing everything from classical motifs to various sections into a single song.

The whole thing became so ambitious that one of their most beloved albums Thick is a Brick is nothing more than just one track stretched across two sides of one album. Whether they were taking on a grandiose piece or making a sophisticated rock affair on "Aqualung," Jethro Tull offered something that served the more eccentric variety of rock fan. Take a peek behind the curtain and see the subtle genius that's going on behind the flute memes.


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