10 Greatest Rock And Roll Collab Songs

9. Beautiful Dangerous - Slash and Fergie

Ever since leaving Guns N Roses, Slash has always felt like the immortal sideman of rock and roll. Even though he has his own outfit these days with Myles Kennedy, his reputation for most of the '90s was the cool guitar outlaw that everyone wanted on their record, as he turned in time with everyone from Michael Jackson to Bob Dylan. After countless session work calls, Slash made the heavy hitters come to him and struck gold on Beautiful Dangerous.

Looking at this song though, seeing a Fergie feature feels pretty jarring, especially considering where the Black Eyed Peas where at the time. Since things were moving towards electronic sounds on songs like I Gotta Feeling, this feels like a completely different performer singing this song, having the right amount of grit to sell a sleazy rock song. Fergie had originally come to Slash's attention after he heard her singing versions of Black Dog at her solo shows, so it's not like she couldn't belt when she wanted to.

In fact, when you get to the pre chorus of this song, you can almost hear a little bit of Axl Rose in her delivery, being the much more dangerous front woman that we always knew she could be outside of will i am's shadow. Collabing with a pop star is always going to trigger alarm bells, but this is about as perfect a pairing as they come.


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