10 Greatest Rock And Roll Collab Songs

8. November Has Come - Gorillaz and MF Doom

The road to making Demon Days wasn't really all that pleasant for Damon Albarn. After being on a train and seeing miles and miles of dead landscape, this Gorillaz album was meant to be a journey through the night, almost telling a story with a different demon in every single track. Every story needs a villain though, and we were in for something savage when Doom took the mic on November Has Come.

Coming off of the track El Manana, this is the moment where we transition back into the night time, with Doom being the voices lurking behind every corner. For the most part, 2D almost takes a back seat for most of this song, just sticking around for the chorus and delivering the occasional backup vocal behind Doom's delivery. Throughout every single line of his verse though, Doom is out for blood, talking about how we need to slow down and see what's around us before we find ourselves going down a dangerous path.

When you actually get to the chorus though, Damon's tone of voice is a lot more weary this time around, almost like he's trying to find some sleep in between the madness that's going on around him. Then again, if you have someone like Doom on your tail, you have to keep your eyes open at all times. Since this is a guy who talks about the family in numbers asking him for closure, you know that he's not going to be compassionate. These streets are a battlefield, and the carnage is about to begin.


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