10 Greatest Rock And Roll Collab Songs

7. Champagne Supernova - Oasis and Paul Weller

When you go through Oasis' discography, you don't really need the big names to get you that invested. These are the self professed greatest band in the world, so the songs of Noel Gallagher should normally suffice. As the What's the Story sessions were coming to an end, Champagne Supernova needed that one little bit of magic and Noel called in a favor from one of his heroes.

As the band played a handful of gigs off the momentum coming from Definitely Maybe, Noel got to talking with Paul Weller of the Jam and played him a few of the finished songs that were going to be on the new album. After volunteering to play on the album, Weller was originally interested in playing on the song Morning Glory before being convinced to play on the back half of Champagne Supernova, which sent the entire song into the stratosphere.

While the original version of the song did its job of lulling you into a musical high, the final version that you're hearing is Paul's guitar being played on top of Noel's existing solo, which creates this wall of guitars washing over you every time you listen to it. This song may be all about the wonders of being high, but you don't even need chemical assistance to enjoy something like this. For those few minutes, that music is enough to give you a little bit of a contact buzz.


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