10 Greatest Rock Anthems Of All Time

9. Don't Stop Believin - Journey

Once the '80s got underway, things were getting a lot cheesier really fast. While the '70s weren't immune to some campy behavior, the years between the arrival of hair metal and the death of new wave made for acts that were laying on the melodrama on pretty thick. However, you do get the one song that transcends its more cheesy habits every once in a while.

Compared to the normal love songs at the time, Journey's Don't Stop Believin is more of a song of determination than anything else. Written while out on the road, the key line of the song was actually taken from Jonathan Cain's notes, which originated from a conversation he had with his father about dropping the rock lifestyle. Using his old man's words verbatim, this became one of the most high profile pump up anthems of the modern age, going on to be used at sporting events and even the odd ironic twist like on the final episode of the Sopranos.

This is also one of the more uniquely constructed songs in rock history, with the chorus not even showing its face until the final few minutes of the song. Instead of just hitting you over the head with the groove first, Don't Stop Believin's build is one of the biggest rushes you could have hoped for out of one of the sappier times in rock music.


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