10 Greatest Rock Frontmen Of All Time

Turning singing into a theatrical performance.

PA/PA Archive

Singers have a tendency to be looked at as divas in their respective bands. Instead of playing an instrument, these people have to just show up without a sore throat and sing to get a big check at the end of the day. However, there's being a singer and then there's being a frontman.

A frontman is the one who brings the most physicality to any band's show. With the other members left to play their instruments, a frontman must be able to move across the stage while making sure the audience is having the time of their lives at every minute. Since they are normally left without an instrument, singers must typically use their voice to bring across a song's emotion in addition to running up and down the stage. No matter how good the instrumentation is, the frontman always has that X factor that keeps the crowd ravenously fixated towards the stage.

Through translating musical emotion to the audience, the frontman is the one member that makes a rock show feel like something bigger than just music. Across the classic rock glory days, these singers have had audiences eating out of the palm of their hands for decades.


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