10 Greatest Rock Music Gigs Of The 1990s

Golden Age of Live Music.

Oasis Knebworth
Creation Records

It gets really tiring hearing some of the old souls of music talk about how much music was better back in their day. Now that we have live streaming, it's easier than ever for artists to get their performances to all of us. Then again, when you see the size and scope of some of these gigs, it's not like they don't have a point here.

Over the course of a few hours, these gigs felt like they had the power to change the world, whether it was because of the festival they were on or the amazing lineup. Compared to the usual numbers that are gained from streaming online today, it's unprecedented to see the amount of people that showed up for these gigs, with oceans of bodies going for miles and miles.

The live stage isn't just about the amount of people who showed up though. No...it's about the people on stage playing their asses off and doing everything in their power to give you some of the greatest shows that they know how. After the last notes ring out, these concertgoers were left dumbfounded and absolutely in love with what they saw. Even though some people are considering the live performance a lost art, you'll never forget these gigs once you see the live footage.

10. Clash Of The Titans Tour

People tend to forget just how kind the early '90s were for the dawn of thrash metal. Though the days of thrash had started pretty much concurrently with the hair metal scene, records like Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction and Metallica's Black Album helped make the genre the household name it is today. Even when they reached the high point on Clash of the Titans, there was still a bit of change in the air.

As far as metalheads were concerned, you couldn't script a better bill here, given that Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth were going to share the stage on the same evening. On the other side of things, the opener was a little upstart looking to make a name for themselves called Alice in Chains, who were just coming off releasing their first record entitled Facelift.

What's even funnier looking back is how poorly Alice were originally received back in the day. Then again, would you want to hear the early sounds of grunge when you came there to see a band like Slayer thrash the place to the ground? Alice got the last laugh in the end though, becoming much bigger than thrash would ever become in some respects. Whereas other festivals at the time were trying to find the next great movement, this is the show where fans had their finger on the pulse of where music was headed.

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