10 Greatest Rock Music Gigs Of The 1990s

9. Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

There are only a select few people in music who have managed to have the icon status that Freddie Mercury has received. Even before his tragic passing due to AIDS in the early '90s, Freddie was already a musical genius who had cemented his place as one of the greatest rock stars who had ever walked the Earth. Since he was gone though, the rest of the rock community was going to give him a send off for the ages.

Bringing together the surviving members of Queen, the Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium was a star studded cast of everyone who had ever been touched by Freddie's music. With the proceeds going to a foundation to combat AIDS, the performers at the gig showed just how far Queen's music reached, with George Michael performing tributes alongside people like Def Leppard.

There were also some wild cards sprinkled into the mix as well, with James Hetfield turning up for Stone Cold Crazy and Axl Rose duetting with Elton John on Bohemian Rhapsody. The most important member there that day though was the crowd, who lit up the stadium the same way they did when they saw Queen at Live Aid a few years before. Someone beyond this Earth, chances are that Freddie would have been proud to see the mark that he left on the world.

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