10 Greatest Rock Music One Hit Wonders

Brightest Flashes In the Pan.

Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You
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Rock and roll tends to look after its own a lot more than the pop market does. Whereas most suits tend to drop their big name artists like flies, people like Radiohead and U2 wouldn't be where they are today if they didn't get it right on their next few go arounds. Then again, there are always exceptions for bands that just stole the spotlight for a little bit.

As opposed to becoming the next Led Zeppelin, these are the bands that flamed out a lot quicker, known only for just the one song they got a hit with. Still, that's nothing to be ashamed of when the song still hits this well. Even though not many of the other songs' from these bands are worth revisiting, these are still some of the best jams of their respective decades and deserve to be respected with their fellow classics.

Hell, being a one hit wonder is almost an art in and of itself. Out of all your great potential, you're able to take everything that's great about your sound and condense it into just a few minutes of music for your fans to digest. Even with their all-too-brief flirtation with the charts, these songs have still been filling up rock playlists for decades. You can knock their deep cuts, but you gotta respect the road work they've made off of their one hit.

10. Everything About You - Ugly Kid Joe

Anyone even slightly fascinated with the alternative scene was going to need to put some angst into their songs sooner or later. Since the mantra behind everyone from Nirvana to Smashing Pumpkins seemed to be some sort of deep seated anger, you would expect nearly every other band to follow suit as well. Even if that means the anger is just about some break up woes.

Outside of a few other exceptions in the ironic scene, Ugly Kid Joe had built the trademark kissoff song of the '90s with Everything About You, which has become a go to song for those who just need to take their ex to task. Even though the actual lyrics aren't that serious if you look at them closely, these kids just sell it, almost like you can hear them trying to keep their composure in between every line.

If anything, you could argue that a song like this was actually ahead of the curve when it comes to the rest of the rock scene. Whereas most of the grunge scene had some deep seated issues, this was the kind of slow anger that would become more famous as the post grunge scene firmly started to settle in. The puzzle pieces are all there...crunchy guitar...baritone singer...song about hating your old flame. This is basically Three Days Grace's I Hate Everything About You a few years early.

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