10 Greatest Rock Music One Hit Wonders

9. Tubthumping - Chumbawumba

The difference between the early '90s and late '90s feels like two separate decades when looked at in retrospect. In just a few short years, we went from having tortured singers on the hit parade to some of the most bubblegum poppy songs like The Macarena running up the charts. Whether you wanted them to or not though, sometimes you'd get both aesthetics intersecting at once.

Which is strange when you look at Tubthumping on the surface. Aside from the stupid band name, Chumbawumba had a song that could fill pubs for the rest of time, complete with a bulletproof chorus about getting knocked down and getting back up again. What most of the public weren't aware of is how extremely legit these guys were.

When you take a minute to go past their one hit, Chumbawumba was actually a lot more dangerous than you thought, oftentimes referencing themselves as anarchists and even openly encouraging their fans to steal their CDs from the stores. After the screaming barflys came and went though, the band were relegated back to the indies, which seemed to suit their radical political stance a lot better than the big wigs at EMI. For a minute though, it looked like we were about to get the British answer to someone like Rage Against the Machine.

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