10 Greatest Screams In Rock Music History

8. Back in the Saddle - Aerosmith

There's a good chance that you could make an entire list's worth of the best rock and roll screams and put Steven Tyler in every single slot. After getting over the Rolling Stones comparisons for the first half of their career, the self proclaimed Demon of Screamin did everything in his power to live up to that title, putting his voice through Hell on almost every single record. While Dream On or the back half of Draw the Line might be up there for intensity, Back in the Saddle might be the most swagger that Steven got out of his scream.

Kicking off their album Rocks, this whole song seems to be a hard rock take on a Western, as Steven talks about riding by the light of the moon and setting the scene of a rock band as some gang of outlaws. Once every chorus rolls around though, Steven kicks it off with a scream, as the sounds of the six string bass rumble underneath him. As much as other songs might have more intensity, those were moments in a song. This is where you just turn that scream into the entire chorus and keep things rolling.

That's not even where he stops either, with the entire back half of the track going even further, singing 'riding high' in an even higher register as the band rides out underneath him. All good rock and roll screams are about tapping into that inner animal, but there's an almost tribal energy that comes out of Steven whenever you hear his screams.

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