10 Greatest Screams In Rock Music History

9. When the Music's Over - The Doors

As hard rock was slowly starting to morph into itself around the mid '60s, the Doors were the first band that gave us another look at what the Summer of Love really was. The Flower Power sounds of the Mamas and the Papas may have been fine for the pop charts, but the Vietnam War still raged on, and you can hear that darkness in most of their material, looking to shatter everyone's illusions about what life was really like. The rest of the band definitely had a taste for that darkness, but Jim Morrison had that feeling deep within his soul.

Although a song like The End might hold together as the more authentic Doors song because of just how chaotic it becomes, When the Music's Over is where they really started to understand their strengths as a band, stretching the song out into a long jam session with the band following Morrison as he goes off on tangents of musical poetry. While the intensity of his voice on the chorus is already strong, the real passion comes when everything else drops out, rambling on free verse before talking about being a child of the revolution and trying to create something better than what his parents may have promised him.

Even though he could not play one note on any instrument, Jim at least understands the power behind this music, having the intensity to take on the hippies and even the entire world if he's determined enough. Some may call him a poet and some may call him a burnout, but when you hear Jim scream lines like 'we want the world and we want it now,' it actually feels possible.

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