10 Greatest Shock Rock Acts

Come for the show, stay for the music.


Music is first and foremost an auditory experience. Rather than poetry or literature, music is something that has to be heard in order to retain the full experience.

But for some artists, music is just one facet of their artistic selves. Over the years, bands have come to the forefront with intense aesthetic aids to enhance their musical sounds. These bands helped invent what became known as "shock rock." While glam rock had a similar style, shock rock as a genre is something that goes for the throat a bit more. The theatrics that were originally meant to be gimmicks now became central parts of these performances.

Starting in the late 60's, bands were coming forward with different ways to terrify and appall their audience. This eventually led to agencies like the PMRC trying to silence these acts with parental advisories, which backfired spectacularly as their disapproval became a form of unpaid advertising.

In these band's cases, while fame and adulation are certainly good merits, often notoriety can be an even greater feat. Here are the greatest acts that delightfully traumatized us with each release.


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