10 Greatest Singers In Rock Music History

From Frontmen to Belters.

steven tyler aerosmith

If you didn't know any better, being the lead singer of a rock band seems like the easiest job in the world. You get to have the time of your life on stage, party as much as you want to day and night, and all you have to worry about is sounding halfway decent when you get ready to take the stage. Once you get down to the nitty gritty, there's a lot more that goes into making a great singer.

Along with being the person that everyone pays attention to, you're also the mouthpiece of the band and will be called upon for everything good that the group has to offer. That means that you sing every song like it's your last and be able to put as much emotion into those words that you can hope to muster. It's not an easy task, and yet some of the professionals make it look like a walk in the park.

As opposed to just sitting and playing on a stool, these vocalists made the most with their time on stage, turning their songs into amazing pieces of work for just how much they were willing to stretch their vocal prowess. The voice is an instrument after all, so you might as well use it to reach for the people in the back rows.

10. Steve Perry - Journey

Part of the appeal that comes with a lot of rock singers is just how well you're able to scream. Since you're going to need to be heard over the loud guitars, having a powerhouse voice that can reach soaring high notes certainly can't hurt your chances. Sometimes though, it's best to just get to the top of the heap through sheer power in your delivery.

Without Steve Perry bringing them to superstardom, there's a good chance that we'd probably not being talking about Journey like we are today. After having a few fusion albums that went under the radar, it wasn't until that voice was sprinkled into the mix that they truly found their stride, operating perfectly alongside the amazing fretboard work of Neal Schon. Singing is just one thing though. Let's see how well this dude can write then.

Across the glory years of Journey, Perry was always a proven hit maker with Schon and Jonathan Cain, making songs that became the soundtrack for the late '70s like Any Way You Want It and the immortal Don't Stop Believin. Even though there are millions of people that try their hand at singing Journey during karaoke, it's about time that we retired a few of these songs from that setlist. I mean, when you've hit on perfection the first time around with Steve Perry, why try to change it?

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