10 Greatest Singers In Rock Music History

9. Steven Tyler - Aerosmith

Once the '60s dissipated, the entire rock scene was about to get a lot nastier. Taking the blues tropes that we all start out with growing up, acts like Cream and Led Zeppelin were about to set the benchmark for what rock music could sound like once it got a little darker. Although Aerosmith did have the nastiness down well, they had a secret weapon with one of the most off the rails singers of them all.

Aside from being the main lyricist of the material, the real strength of Steven Tyler was just how much he was willing to warp his voice into different sounds. While starting off as your standard bluesy singer, the Demon of Screamin's wails are what put the band over the top, whether it's hitting that amazing high note at the end of Dream On or even the more impressive runs he did in the '90s like on Cryin.

And that deserves to be celebrated in and of itself. Throughout most of his career, Tyler's gift has never really failed him either, always going for broke at every show and giving the crowd what they want every time he opens his mouth. Though anyone can manage to hit the notes of these songs if they practiced well enough, only Steven knows how to put the real swagger into everything.

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