10 Greatest Unplugged Rock Songs

9. Touch Peel and Stand - Days of the New

Out of all the generations of rock music, the '90s were incredibly kind to the softer side of rock.

Since this was also the same decade that brought us MTV Unplugged, it was only a matter of time before an act actually rose to the top without needing to throw on any effects pedals. We definitely weren't expecting it to get this dark though.

For a kid that was barely out of high school when he recorded this, Travis Meeks of Days of the New hit upon gold with Touch, Peel, and Stand. While some of it can definitely be attributed to the Eddie Vedderisms of the time, there's a lot of hypnotic parts to this song, as Meeks lets out his frustration on his guitar.

Even though there's no real electric guitar in sight, this is pure anger distilled into a few minutes, with the acoustics sounding like they're about to snap from the minute they start playing.

That's not to say that this song isn't dated as all hell, with the trademark yarl from Meeks pretty much solidifying this song in 1995. There's nothing wrong with being a product of your time though, and Touch, Peel, and Stand is the kind of angsty rage that just manages to get better with age.

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