10 Grunge Albums That Deserve More Love

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Despite being a long-dead genre of music that died alongside its prominent voice, grunge is a genre that, for those present and others who were not during its highs and lows, was as immensely popular at its peak as almost any other boom in the history of the medium.

For those of you that believe grunge belonged to one or two bands - and we know which bands you're thinking of already - you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that there is a multitude of different artists that have blessed the genre with stylistic variations, progressively building on the foundation laid by the forefathers of the genre.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of the progenitors are still also the only artists associated with this type of music, which in essence, kind of limits its mass appeal even if it hit the mainstream harder than the drummers would hit their snares. Leaving little to no impact, when in reality, they should have been mainstays of the music, or at the very least, a specific album or two that they worked tirelessly on to perfect should not be discredited as it has been.

So, today, we're going to enlighten you on some of the most incandescently monstrous albums that time has forgotten, but that fans should remember.

10. Nirvana - Bleach

It may seem almost redundant to put any Nirvana album on this list, considering the instant impact the band had alongside its gargantuan fanbase and meteoric rise to fame. But, in 1989, when they released this debut album, they weren't exactly on everyone's radar. As a matter of fact, the rise didn't occur until "Smells Like Teen Spirit" dominated MTV and became an overnight sensation.

The eponymous bleach for many years before both Kurt Cobain's untimely death and their phenomenal, heart-wrenching final farewell performance on MTV's Unplugged was something of an anomaly for everyone's favourite grunge band. Even today, it remains obscured in their back catalogue, and most people only tend to know one song from the album.

Hell, a lot of people don't even know that Dave Grohl was yet to be a mainstay for the band at this point.

The song being referred to is, of course, the seminal "About a Girl" which too only really became a hit once the band performed it in their Unplugged set and, for some even younger views, probably through Wes Scantlin's scathing rendition.

Outside of "About a Girl" though, there are some real gems hidden amongst this collection, with songs like "School" and "Blew" standing out and even being two of the only three songs from this album that Cobain and company regularly performed in live shows.


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