10 Hard Rock Albums Saved By One Song

They might have started poorly, but these albums had anthems on them...


Some albums seem cursed from their very inception. From the first time the band enters the studio, everything from drug abuse to writer's block can prevent them from delivering their A-material. Even with these doomed projects, there are a few glimmers of light poking through the cracks.

These sessions might not have been going well, but these songs were able to pull the band out of the doldrums if only for a few minutes. As opposed to the misguided songs across the rest of the record, these tunes are punchy and to the point with the same type of energy these bands have during their finest hour. Though some of these bands may not look proudly on these albums, more often than not they have fond memories of at least recording these tunes.

Does that mean that every single album on this list is bad? That's certainly up for debate. Some of these records are even considered to be staples of the genre, but they wouldn't be half of what they are if not for this one song coming out and sending them over the top.

These albums may have had a rough start, but these songs were the lynch pins of the entire process.


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